Integrated logistics

The outsourcing logistics has different meanings, from a simple agreement between two partners to a strategic partnership that allows both parties to improve and optimize all the production processes.

Here are some reasons why more and more companies, becomes partners of A.Finesso Logistics:

  • Cost reduction could be a benefit from greater economies of scale.

  • The modern know-how regularly assesses the logistics processes, bringing continuous innovation.

  • Modern and flexible structures allow us to adapt to any partners

  • A Customer specific service level allows to have a high standard of service.

Our strengths are:

  • safety and quality guaranteed by certified procedures;
  • service levels under constant control with access to our information system;
  • computer system and advanced facilities;
  • specialized personnel who will assist your outsourcing of logistics services.
1d05de4b50ede21b7617d543f5f98a74 Generic Inbound Logistics 
  • Order acceptance
  • Quality check
  • Supplier order management
  • Storage
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Outbound Logistics

  • Order transmission
  • Labeling
  • Picking 
  • Order Preparation
  • Wrapping pallets
  • Transportation plannng
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Production Assistance

  • Planning and inventory management
  • Product configuration
  • Procuct labeling
  • Packaging and customization
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After Sales

  • Returns management
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Customer Service