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Finesso Trasports

For over 90 years

The Finesso Group deals daily with nationwide transport and is an ideal logistics partner for all those companies that need to reduce costs by entrusting to a third party managing all their goods, from production to the end customer .

The business organization consists of:

  • 1 general and operational headquarters in Padua

  • 6 direct branches in Milan, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Udine, Bologna

  • 3 subsidiaries in Bergamo, Florence, Rome

The total area of the company is over 300,000 square meters and the group have numerous correspondents for full coverage of italian territory.

The core business consists mainly of groupage with daily transport links to all the Italian regions and in the development of customized integrated warehousing and logistics solutions according to customer needs.


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E-mail: info@finesso.it
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