The Fuel Surcharge (Fuel Surcharge) corresponds to a percentage of supplement, applied only to the tariff items of transport, which is based on changes of increase or decrease of the "average monthly price of diesel fuel" as fuel consumption detected by the official website of the Ministry of Economical progress.

The "percentage of supplement", agreed in offering tariff or tariff agreement will be applied on each percentage point increase in the average monthly price of diesel fuel, compared to the "average reference price" mentioned in the letter offered rates or tariff contract of each customer.

For fairness and transparency is highlighted on our monthly bills, with the initials "fs", the resulting total amount of the fuel surcharge to the application, while, at the bottom of the invoice, is indicated the "average monthly price" on which is based the 'application of the fuel surcharge (the average monthly price always corresponds to the average of the month following the invoice price).

For any clarification, please contact our sales force that are, as usual, at your disposal.

In order to simplify the fee calculation is below the increases / decreases in the table, which shows the minimum and maximum prices for each percentage point increase in diesel prices: multiplying the percentage exposed in offering tariff or contract tariff, by the number of increments of the price, that exist between the average monthly price and the reference price set out in the letter of offer, you get the percentage that will be applied in the process of invoicing (if the Customer's reference price is less than the cost Average billing month will be no surcharge) applied.

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